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To date, these programmes have been offered through systems such as Dioceses or States with 12 to 15 schools in each cohort. For more information on this approach and costings, email Linda.

LEADING TEAMS is an ideal programme for new leadership teams or new leaders. It covers the basics of building trust, developing goals and leading people.

LEADING IMPROVEMENT steps leadership teams through the real work of improving outcomes in their schools. It offers a closely tailored level of guidance to principals and their leadership teams, with the aim of gaining a visible shift in results in one defined area over the course of the year.


TESTIMONIALS from participants in 2021’s leading improvement

The program reaffirmed our need to collect and analyse data as a means of determining our next ‘quick win’ goals. Knowing the effect size of high expectations helped us realise the importance of how students’ self-belief is impacted by teachers’ belief and thus the importance of teachers having a ‘theory of action’ where they know the difference they can make. Having 1:1 time with Linda allowed us to have robust conversations based on our specific context. Whenever we had these meetings with Linda,  she was always very clear as to what we were implementing and what our impact was. Very reaffirming.

Working together as a  leadership team to discuss and problem solve. I feel the team discussion times during the sessions and the follow up zoom meetings with Linda were extremely valuable. The group assignments were also a great opportunity for us to bring our ideas together and develop action plans to work from. For me personally the part that I got the most value from is the importance of using the data to develop the short-term goals for the school. At our school we have significantly changed the way we approach school goals, forward planning, professional learning, and data collection as a result of what we have learnt through this course. It has been extremely valuable to our leadership team and to our school as a whole.